Color Me Crazy – The Best and Worst Paint Names

1970 Plum Crazy Charger R/T

Consumers could buy 1970 model year Mopars painted in some pretty funny
High Impact colors, such as this “Plum Crazy” Dodge Charger R/T.

fourwheeldriftThe year was 1969.  Somewhere, somehow in planning for the 1970 model year cars, the automotive industry got a sense of humor.  This resulted in the best car paint color names of all time.

Chrysler Corp was first out of the gate with its High Impact colors for models such as the Charger, Challenger, ‘Cuda, and Road Runner.  Ford was right behind with its list of optional paint for such masterpieces as the then all-new Maverick.  Although the actual paint shades were nothing too remarkable, the names might have been the most creative things ever to come out of Michigan.

For instance, 1970 Dodge High Impact Colors included:


Green Go

Go Mango


Panther Pink

Plum Crazy

Hemi Orange

Plymouth got mostly the same colors with different names:


Sassy Grass Green

Vitamin “C”

Lemon Twist

Moulin Rouge

In Violet

Tor Red

As cute as Mopar’s High Impact Colors were, Ford one-upped them on names for its 1970 poly-paint colors:

Original Cinnamon

Bring ‘Em Back Olive

Three Putt Green

Anti-Establish Mint

Last Stand Custard

There She Blue

Young Turquoise

Hulla Blue

Good Clean Fawn

Counter Revolutionary Red

Knight White

Freudian Gilt

History Onyx

Paint Names You’ll Never See:

With these great paint names in mind, the staff here at The Four Wheel Drift has dreamed-up the worst paint names that could ever be printed in a brochure or on a window sticker…


Yellow Snow

Blue Balls

Gang Green

Golden Showers

Gray Matter

Salmon Nilla

P.U. Ter

Packer Fudge

Tan Line

In the Buff

Beef Tungsten

Once You Go Black

Popper Cherry Red

Purple Nurpel

Lapis Dance

Pierced Naval Orange

High Whore Silver

Augusta National Country Club Membership White

Stinky Pinky

Almost Celibate Cardinal

Camel Topaz Two Tone

Augmented Chestnut

Copper Feel

What a Maroon

Sapphire Crotch

Red Tide


I Cannot Tell A Lilac

Sue ‘Em Vermillion

A Postscript – The Paint Color Nickname Hall of Fame:

From the files of “things we wished we thought of,” in 1970 the Chrysler Corp-supported Plymouth Superbird of Charlie Glotzbach started running NASCAR’s Gran National circuit painted in the factory color Plum Crazy. A creative journalist, however, gave the color a nickname that stuck with the media for years: “Statutory Grape.” 

What are the chances that in its all-things-retro craze, DaimlerChrysler offers the new Hemi Challenger due out next year in this shade?


20 Responses to Color Me Crazy – The Best and Worst Paint Names

  1. Dan Cooley says:

    This is really funny. I just stumbled into finding this site, but considering how funny, informative and honest it is, this car enthusiast will be visiting more in the future. It’s good to see that at least one web site isn’t muzzled by what the advertisers will or won’t let one say!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Marlon Medina says:

    I bought a 1969 Dodge Dart GTS with a 340 shortly after enlisting in the Air Force. It was Hemi Orange, and this car was the most fun to drive of any car I would own. There’s just something about a car with these colors, 500+ hp on tap (not stock), a four-speed and 4.56 gears!! Not to mention the Edelbrock cross-ram with 2 Carter AFBs to boot! I lost my mind in 1979 and sold that car.

  3. Sanford Block says:

    The largest number of colors on a particular car, in one given year, happened on the 1967 (Ford) MUSTANG. Not only were there the “normal” 15 or so paint colors, there were also territorial colors that were only used in 1 of the 3 different plants, making Mustanngs. Each plant had it’s own territorial colors, plus there was the National “Color-Of-The-Month “Club” where they’d produce a certain color for only 60 days. Plus the Playboy Pink Cars, named after Hugh Hefners’s Playboy Club.
    Nationwide Colors:
    Silver Frost/Raven Black/Frost Truruoise/Acapulco Blue (Winter 1966/1967 only) / Arcadian Blue (Springtime 1867 Only) / Lime Gold/Nightmist Blue/Wimbledon White/Brittany Blue/Candyapple Red/Clearwater Aqua/Burnt Amber/Dark Moss Green/Sauterne Gold/Pebble Beige/Springtime Yellow/Beige Mist/
    Diamond Green (Borrowed from T-Bird) Springtime 67
    Diamond Bue (Borrowed From T-Bird Springtime 67
    Dusk Rose (Springtime 67) (Only made at NJ Plant)
    Anniversary Gold
    Unclear who or what “Anniversary” it came in #1, #2 & #3 a slightly different shade for each Mustang Plant
    Blue Bonnet (For Texas Only)
    Timberline Green (For Washington State & Oregon and Northern California & High Country Ski Country Color)
    Lavendar, for Mississippi, Lousiana & Arkansas)
    Bright Red (Unknown for what area)
    Playboy Pink – Nationwide, Special Order
    Aspen Gold – (High Country Color)
    Columbine Blue (High Country Color)30 colors in 1 year on one make/model car.

  4. Bud Brick says:

    Remember AMC, the small independent often ahead of its time, car manufacturer? AMC led the pack with the high impact “psychedelic” colors when in 1967 it offered Electric Green, Tangerine and Blue-You’ve Never Seen. These colors were part of the limited production Rebel Raiders. In ’69 these colors were offered as regular production colors renamed Big Bad Green, Big Bad Orange and Big Bad Blue. The AMX and Javelins also had painted bumpers to increase the impact.

  5. Bud,
    Absolutely — AMC was known for creative marketing. We shouldn’t forget that AMC also contributed one of the most memorable INTERIOR colors: Levi’s Denim Blue.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Levi’s interior option found on AMC vehicles, such as the Gremlin, Matador and Jeep did not use real Levi’s denim jeans fabric. The fabric used in the vehicles was a tougher-grade automotive-spec fabric colored to the Levi’s denim blue and stitched with orange-colored upholstery thread.

    Thank you for keeping AMC in our heads.

  6. Terelli Whisch says:

    Here’s one more to list under “Paint Names You’ll Never See”…

    ** Arrest Me Red **

    -especially good for cars which already look like they go really fast.

  7. Greg McKinney says:

    I am wiping my laugh tears at these color names. Gang Green?? Too much!!

  8. Greg House says:

    I also like “Can’t Catch Me Copper”

  9. Wayne A says:

    This post reminds of the movie “Joe Dirt”. He was looking at a auto trader and he couldn’t believe they would let a charger go that was Plum Crazy Purple. I had a good laugh reading some of the other names that were used also.

  10. Sanford Block says:

    As I was employed in 1970 in sales, in a I.C.P. dealership (Imperial, Chrysler, Plymouth) we got to see the daily manufacturing updates & releases. What very very few people ever knew was that 2 of MOPARs “High Impact Paint Colors” were actually released on (for) the Imperial !! Hard to believe and I have never seen one, but the bright yellow (Lemon Twist / Top Banana AND the Tor-Red (a super-bright Red-Orange) were released for the 1970 Imperial LeBaron and Crown models. THEY WERE EXTRA COST ! Dying to know, I wrote several letters to Chrysler Corp. asking how many Imperials were made in each of those 2 colors. It’s now 39 years later. I still await an answer….

    • Sanford Block says:

      A PS to above:

      The Tor-Red offered on the 1970 Imperial was also called “Hemi Orange” on Dodge(s) ….
      Both Colors HAD to HAVE black Cloth interior on Crowns, and Black Cloth interior on LeBarons -OR- Black OR White Leather on LeBarons. Either color cost $14.00 extra MSRLP & $11.00 at Invoice.

  11. minchi says:

    it’s really funny and i m surprised to know that could colours also sound so wiered……….

  12. minchi says:

    which is sassy light green color…?

  13. Joe Dokes says:

    Sorry but you have one mistake, yes Dodge and Plymouth shared a bunch of the same colors but Vitamin C orange is a different color than Hemi Orange. Vitamin C orange has is a lighter shade with a bit of metal flake in it, Hemi orange is a darker shade of orange, and doesn’t have any metal flake.

    Other wise a great article.

  14. Sanford Block says:

    On the dealer announcement of the 2 “High Impact” on the Imperial,
    (Link in blue, above) it states only the Tor-Red was being offered. Perhaps when that went to print…..But we recieved at the dealership a notice that Top Banana (a.k.a. “Lemon Twist” ) was now ALSO available on ALL Imperial models. It was a revised sheet like the one’s link above.
    I sold alot of Imperial(s) ~ as the dealership was in a very wealthy area. We were the top selling Imperial dealership in Northern New Jersey.

  15. G. Flint says:

    My brother was a car salesman for years and had some special names for the paints. His Olds was green “gall bladder green” and he also call the gun metal gray Chevy “casket gray” He had a rough time selling the later to anyone under 80 years old.

  16. dave brown says:

    Das BOOM- I use to mix auto paint.
    Thought one color for Ford was called “Thanks Vermillion”.

    • Russ s says:

      I worked for a man who was a Dodge dealer back in the 1960’s & 70’s. He told me that Chrysler Corp. considered calling that color “Statutory Grape”. Probably a good thing it didn’t make the cut.

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