About “Sam Barer’s Four Wheel Drift”


Let’s talk cars!  Classic cars, new cars, muscle cars, used cars, car shows, car people, car technology, fixing and restoring cars.  It’s automotive journalism the way it used to be — independent and hard hitting…with no fear of what some advertiser might say. 

Sam Barer’s Four Wheel Drift offers news, opinion, facts and humor related to the wacky world of automobiles.  Written by veteran automotive journalist Sam Barer, author of the weekly syndicated collector car column “Sound Classics” and the team at Apex Marketing Strategy, Four Wheel Drift delivers perspectives on cars, manufacturers, shows, business, people and technology.

So buckle up — it’s going to be a fast and bumpy ride that is sure to make you think, react and hopefully laugh a little.

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Sam Barer’s Four Wheel Drift is service of Apex Marketing Strategy.  For more information regarding content offerings (including “Sam Barer’s Sound Classics”), syndication and freelance services please visit http://www.apexstrategy.com .

Ferraris at Monterey


2 Responses to About “Sam Barer’s Four Wheel Drift”

  1. Ray says:


    Great website! You’ve already impressed Bill Ford! Now let me tell you about the two Porsche 356 speedsters I had when I was 21–a ’55 and a ’57. I paid $450 for the ’55 (no floor) and $600 for the ’57 (no engine). I coulda bought a Carrera coupe with normal engine for $760…etc. etc. etc.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Darrell Witten says:

    I read the article on the 2006 Toyota Avalon transmission problem and have had issues as well on a car with less than 25000 miles. I believe a followup article is warranted.

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