Craigslist Post of the Day: A Rare Restored Porch With A Trans

March 12, 2012

Craigslist offers automotive journalists a never-ending supply of absolutely frightening ads.  CL is the web site that single-handedly illustrates the need for better public education in the United States.

It should be a simple thing to list a car for sale, really.   All one needs to do is get the registration out of the glove box and list the information along with the current mileage on the odometer.  Type it into Word or an email to check for little red underlines indicating a misspelling.

This clown really prewed the scooch on the following Craigslist ad.  It seems to have all of the great goofs, including misspelling Porsche and not listing the model (pictures show it as a 924, which means at $5950, it’s at least $2500 too high to be “priced to sell”).  It does have the important “trans” option… although, to be fair, 924s are worth so little as the least desirable Porsches ever made that many of them are sitting in garages, driveways and yards without transmissions (or engines, windows or interiors, for that matter.)

If there’s one giveaway why this advertisement is so classically bad, all one needs to do is look at the last line to see where the owner lives and keeps the car.  I’m sure the folks shopping for Sudafed in bulk are amazed by the purple exotic.

1977 Porch – restored – Great condition! OBO – $5950 (Lynnwood)

1977 Porch – Purple – Priced to sell!
has nice stereo
108k original miles
new tires for speed
sun roof
hatch back
leather seats
Call xxx-xxx-xxx For More Info and to come check it out! Located in Lynnwood by Walmart.