Worthless Press Release of the Day

February 24, 2008

BMW sent this press release:

“CAMERON DIAZ SET TO RIDE IN THE BMW HYDROGEN 7 TO THE 2008 OSCAR AWARDS CEREMONY Hollywood, CA – February 22, 2008… Demonstrating her continued dedication to the exploration of environmentally sustainable energies, Cameron Diaz will be traveling to the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony in the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series. The BMW H7 is the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan, which emits almost nothing but water vapor, and still features all the amenities and comfort of a BMW 7 Series.”

When a company attempts to spotlight a product by highlighting a “yesterday’s celebrity” whose best past decision-making yielded a creepy long-term romance with Justin Timberlake, a few employees in the PR and Marketing departments need to be shown the door.