The Complete And Totally Unauthorized List of Ferrari Paint Colors

December 13, 2010

So you thought all Ferraris were just “red”?

Obviously, most enthusiasts are aware that Ferraris have always been available in other colors — from country-specific racing schemes to fashionable hues popular during certain eras . What even the die-hard Tifosi probably don’t realize is that the Ferrari historical paint color charts look more like Gene Simmons’ personal conquest scorecard.

Thanks to the work of many members of, here is a complete (albeit not authorized) list of Ferrari paint shades — 1,081 in total. This list contains 150 shades of red, over 200 variations of blue, and even nearly 100 hues of green. Silver, brown, white, gold, black…Ferrari has them all covered like a pack of Amish twenty-something females on a trip to the beach.

In actuality, many of these colors are duplicates — identical not for a name, formula or supplier change. Some were obviously special-ordered, done to mimic an existing car by another manufacturer — as indicated by Grigio Argento Mercedes or Signal Orange Porsche. Still, it shows just how varied the tastes are of supercar consumers, even if by percentage of production the lion’s share of Ferraris wear some variation of Rossa Corsa.

To see what many of these shades actually look like, visit

Abete Met. Saviol
Acquamarine Met. 722
Amaranto “ME” It.
Amaranto – Tetto avorio
Amaranto 19379 It.
Amaranto 2.443.413
Amaranto 20-R-122
Amaranto 20-R-188
Amaranto 20153 S It.
Amaranto 20576 It.
Amaranto 21228 Acr. It.
Amaranto 23695 It.
Amaranto 33371 Met. Acr. It.
Amaranto Bull Lea 2.443.413
Amaranto LC 38 Met.
Amaranto Met.
Amaranto Roma 16132
Amaranto Roma 21228 A It.
Amaranto Savid 102
Arancio 95.3.2943
Arancio Fer 302 Glasurit
Arancio Fly
Arancio Vaguely
Arancio Vaguely noble
Arancio tipo PF
Argento – Tetto grigio
Argento 1.443.030 A It.
Argento 106-E-1
Argento 16003 M
Argento 18940 A
Argento 18940 M
Argento 2.443.009
Argento 2.443.048
Argento 20265 A
Argento 25090 A It.
Argento 6336031
Argento 8044523 It.
Argento Autenil 16278 MM
Argento Auteuil Lancia 16287
Argento Luna Savidin 20260
Argento Met.
Argento Met. 82421
Argento Met. It.
Argento le Sancy
Avorio – Tetto nero
Avorio 19375 Sint. It.
Avorio 19377
Avorio 19377 It.
Avorio 19377 M
Avorio 2.662.016
Avorio 20-Y-153
Avorio It. Acr. 20559
Avorio MM 12043
Avorio MM 13400 (Fiat 214)
Avorio Met.
Avorio Safari
Avorio Safari 20-Y-546
Avorio Savidin 4618
Avorio Tetrarch 2.662.016
Azzurro “La Plata”
Azzurro – Tetto grigio
Azzurro 1.443.658 A It.
Azzurro 106-A-29
Azzurro 106-A-32
Azzurro 106-A-349
Azzurro 12241 M
Azzurro 16229 MM
Azzurro 16240 MM
Azzurro 18278 M It.
Azzurro 18940 M
Azzurro 19278
Azzurro 19278 M
Azzurro 19278 M It.
Azzurro 2.443.648
Azzurro 2.666.101
Azzurro 20-A-167
Azzurro 20-A-349
Azzurro 28288 It.
Azzurro 28973 Acr. It.
Azzurro 402 Fiat 16402 MM
Azzurro 402 Fiat Met.
Azzurro 4351
Azzurro 4354
Azzurro 6338005
Azzurro Chiaro 6800
AZZURRO DINO 5898349 (20-A-349)
Azzurro Duco 4354
Azzurro Duco 4354 – Tetto 015702
Azzurro Gladiateur 2.666.101
Azzurro Hyperion
Azzurro Hyperion 2.443.648
Azzurro It.
Azzurro It. 20336 A
Azzurro K 2
Azzurro La Plata 20-A-167
Azzurro Maserati
Azzurro Met.
Azzurro Met. 106-A-32
Azzurro Met. 19278 A Salchi
Azzurro Met. 6338005
Azzurro Met. LC 35
Azzurro Met. glasso
Azzurro Perlato
Azzurro Pininfarina
Azzurro Reale 16430 MM
Azzurro Savid
Azzurro Vincennes 16229
Azzurro Vincennes 16229 MM
Azzurro cielo 20-A-547
Azzurro duco 4354 – tetto nero
Azzurro ecurie de france
Azzurro speciale)
BSC.Met. SA4691
Beige 12901 MM
Beige 16260 MM
Beige 16261 M
Beige 16261 MM
Beige 16536 Fiat 536
Beige 16536 MM Fiat 536
Beige 222-21
Beige ICI 222 – 2153
Biaco – Tetto grigio 12435 M
Bianco – Tetto grigio
Bianco – Tetto grigio 10319 M
Bianco – Tetto nero 02019
Bianco 02019 – Tetto nero
Bianco 02019 M
Bianco 02019 MM
Bianco 1.441.110 A It.
Bianco 1.443.110
Bianco 10019 M
Bianco 10019 MM
Bianco 10319 M
Bianco 10319 MM
Bianco 10319 MM – Tetto MM 16249
Bianco 12435 MM
Bianco 18934
Bianco 18934 It.
Bianco 18934 M
Bianco 19248 lucidato Sint. It.
Bianco 20-W-152
Bianco 20214 A It.
Bianco 20414 A
Bianco 20414 A It.
Bianco 21257 It.
Bianco 2405
Bianco 28890 Acr. It.
Bianco 29695 Acr. It.
Bianco 435
Bianco 6005 It.
Bianco 95C.001 Duco
Bianco 96-W-157
Bianco Acr. 25416 It.
Bianco Acr. Salchi
Bianco Beta Duco It.
Bianco Duco 18934
Bianco Duco 9.53.0026
Bianco Duco 95C-001
Bianco Duco It.
Bianco It. 1441110 A
Bianco Luna Met.
BIANCO POLO P 5990152 (20-W-152
Bianco Salchi 173 PF
Bianco Saratoga
Bianco Saratoga 19248 S
Bianco Saratoga It. 18934
Bianco Saratoga It. 21159
Bianco Saratoga It. 21693
Bianco Saratoga MM 12435
Bianco Tetr. 1.441.110
Bianco avorio
Bianco avorio It. 6005
Bianco ermellino savid 20520
Bianco la toquet MM 13470
Bianco latte 1631
Bianco latte duco 1631
Bianco luna
Bianco neon It. 10019
Bianco nitro
Bianco poldaik MM 10319 – Banda blu Met. 16229
Bianco polo
Bianco polo 5990152
Bianco polo 9265470
Bianco polo Duco 9163904
Bianco polo It.
Bianco polo Salchi
Blu – L. bianco
Blu – Tetto Bianco
Blu – Tetto avorio 1433
Blu – Tetto nero LC 29 MM
Blu – striscia bianca
Blu / giallo
Blu / verde
Blu 020409
Blu 106-A-72
Blu 11456 MM
Blu 11467 Fiat 467
Blu 11488
Blu 16228 MM
Blu 16446 Fiat 446
Blu 18942
Blu 18942 It.
Blu 18942 It. – Tetto Blu scuro 18942
Blu 19391
Blu 19391 It.
Blu 19391 Salchi
Blu 2.666.901 S
Blu 20-A-174
Blu 20-A-185
Blu 20100 M
Blu 20444 S
Blu 20444 S It.
Blu 2049 ICI
Blu Acapulco 2.443.631
Blu Antille david 20527
Blu Artico 16440 MM
Blu Ascot 11400 (Lancia)
Blu Caracalla 2.666.901
Blu Caracalla 5.214.1
Blu Chiaro 106-A-38
Blu Chiaro Met. 106-A-38
Blu Conan Doyle
Blu Danubio MM 16446
Blu Dauphine MM 12252
Blu Dino
Blu Dino 106-A-72
Blu Dino 20-A-357
Blu Dino 20-R-350
Blu Dino 6338006
Blu Dino Met. 106-A-72
Blu Ferrari
Blu Ferrari 20-A-185
Blu Fiat
Blu Fiat 42/494
Blu Fiat 8v
Blu Genziana 16229 M e banda bianca longitudinale
Blu Genziana 16299 M
Blu Genziana MM 16225
Blu Genziana MM 16229 – Tetto avorio
Blu Gladiateur
Blu Gladiateur 2.666.101
Blu LC 29 MM – tetto nero
Blu Lancia 12069
Blu Lancia 12069 M
Blu Lancia 12069 MM
Blu Lancia scuro
Blu Lancia scuro 95C.6159 S
Blu MM 015882
Blu Met.
Blu Met. 106-A-72
Blu Met. 16336 MM
Blu Met. 397A 5/5 MM
Blu Met. Fiat 474 IVI
Blu Met. It.
Blu Met. speciale 23900 It.
BLU MONTECARLO 5998548 (20-A-548)
Blu Montecarlo 20-A-548
Blu Montecarlo 5208548
Blu Notte 106-A-31
Blu Ortis 95.3.6159
Blu Ribot 2.443.031
Blu Ribot 2.443.631
Blu Ribot Met. It.
Blu Saratoga Sint. 19248 It.
Blu Scuro 20-A-357
Blu Scuro Dino 20-A-357
Blu Sera
Blu Sera 106-A-18
Blu Sera 106-A-38
Blu Sera 16439 MM
Blu Sera 16439 MM – Tetto azzurro 16430
Blu Sera 18943 It.
Blu Sera 2.443.603
Blu Sera 2.443.663
Blu Sera 20100 M
Blu Sera 20100 M It.
Blu Sera 20264 A It.
Blu Sera 6338012
Blu Sera 8.296.1
Blu Sera 99245 It.
Blu Sera Met.
Blu Sera Met. 106-A-18
Blu Sera Met. 6338012
Blu Tigullio
Blu Tigullio 16639 Fiat 639
Blu Tornado 12909
Blu Tourbillon
Blu Tourbillon 2.443.009
Blu Tourbillon 2.443.607
Blu Tourbillon Met.
Blu Turchese It.
Blu Ultrascuro 20-A-174
Blu chiaro
Blu chiaro 106-A-32
Blu chiaro 19343
Blu chiaro 19343 M
Blu chiaro 19343 M It.
Blu chiaro 2.443.604
Blu chiaro 20295 A It.
Blu chiaro 28286
Blu chiaro Acr. 28286
Blu chiaro Met.
Blu chiaro speciale
Blu cielo
Blu duco 1433 – Tetto AV savid 4001
Blu ecurie de france
Blu inverno 12215
Blu inverno giulietta sprint 12215 MM
Blu notte
Blu notte 18943 M
Blu notte 18943 M It.
Blu notte 20454 A It.
Blu notturno 16228
Blu olandese duco D 1353
Blu opalescente
Blu perlato
Blu porpora 66426 S It.
Blu scuro
Blu scuro 11456
Blu scuro 12069 MM
Blu scuro 18942
Blu scuro 18942 It.
Blu scuro 18942 M
Blu scuro 18972 It.
Blu scuro 19391
Blu scuro 19391 It.
Blu scuro 2.666.854
Blu scuro 20-A-174
Blu scuro 20-A-185
Blu scuro 20440 S It.
Blu scuro 20448 S It.
Blu scuro 20571 A It.
Blu scuro 21211 It.
Blu scuro 24259 It.
Blu scuro 95C 6159 S
Blu scuro Lancia
Blu scuro Met. 439 savidin 4691
Blu scuro con banda bianca
Bordeaux 10027 M
Bordeaux 2.664.32
Bordeaux 20-R-351
Bruno Acajou
Bruno Acajou Met.
Caracalla 2.666.901
Celeste 1.443.626 A
Celeste 10573 – Tetto nero
Celeste 106-A-16
Celeste 106-A-26
Celeste 16284 MM
Celeste 18284 MM
Celeste 19321 M
Celeste 19321 M It.
Celeste 2.443.625
Celeste 2.443.631
Celeste 20411 A It.
Celeste 28974 A It.
Celeste 6850 It.
Celeste Gainsborough 2.443.625
Celeste Met.
Celeste Met. 106-A-16
Celeste Pullman 6850 It.
Celeste ardenza 16284
Celeste betulla
Celeste chiaro 106-A-26
Celeste chiaro lancia 16300
Colorado 106-M-73
Colore non disponibile
Corsa blu ICI – tetto 10702
Fiordo norvegese savid 20779
Genziana LC 29 MM – tetto nero
Giallo “prototipo”
Giallo “stemma Ferrari”
Giallo 13480 MM
Giallo 2.669.028
Giallo 826 It.
Giallo Agip MM
Giallo Arancio 6450 It.
Giallo Dino 20-Y-348
Giallo Dino 20-Y-390
Giallo Dino 20-Y-490
Giallo Fly
Giallo Fly 2.229.004 It.
Giallo Fly 20-Y-191
Giallo Fly 20-Y-490
Giallo Fly 5994490
Giallo Fly It.
Giallo Fly prototipo
Giallo Limone 6400
Giallo Man O’War 2.669.028
Giallo My Swallow
Giallo My Swallow 95.3.2643
Giallo My Swallow It.
Giallo Ossido 6402
Giallo Senape 20-Y-404
Giallo Senape 20-Y-464
Giallo Solare
Giallo Solare 13478 MM
Giallo Solare A 24473 S It.
Giallo Tango
Giallo e Rosso
Gold Poly
Gold Poly 2.443.214
Gold Poly 2.443.248
Gold Poly 2.443.631
Gold Poly Met.
Grigio – Tetto amaranto LC 49 MM
Grigio – Tetto beige
Grigio – Tetto bordeaux
Grigio – Tetto grigio 16249 M
Grigio – Tetto grigio LC 2 MM
Grigio – Tetto grigio LC 49
Grigio – Tetto rsc LC 49 MM
Grigio 106-E-1
Grigio 1149
Grigio 12016
Grigio 1263
Grigio 13420 MM
Grigio 16202
Grigio 16249
Grigio 16683
Grigio 16817 MM
Grigio 18933 MM It.
Grigio 18940 M
Grigio 18940 M It.
Grigio 2.443.931
Grigio Acciaio brunIt.o savidin 20259
Grigio Acr. 20266
Grigio Acr. 28284
Grigio Alba 13421/1
Grigio Alba It.
Grigio Albany 16240
Grigio Albany 20266 A It.
Grigio Argento
Grigio Argento 16003
Grigio Argento 16003 MM
Grigio Argento 16003 con banda blu bianco rosso
Grigio Argento 16003 con bandiera belga sulla cala
Grigio Argento 18840 M It.
Grigio Argento 18940 It.
Grigio Argento 18940 M
Grigio Argento 18940 M It.
Grigio Argento 18940 M per tetto – Grigio notte 18
Grigio Argento 2.443.009 A It.
Grigio Argento 20265 A It.
Grigio Argento 20265 Acr. It.
Grigio Argento 21256 It.
Grigio Argento 220
Grigio Argento 220 LCH
Grigio Argento 220 Salchi
Grigio Argento 25090 A It.
Grigio Argento 27896 It.
Grigio Argento 28014 Acr. It.
Grigio Argento Acr. 28617 It.
Grigio Argento Acr. 28786
Grigio Argento Acr. 28977 It.
Grigio Argento Acr. It.
Grigio Argento It.
Grigio Argento Met.
Grigio Argento Met. 16003
Grigio Argento Salchi
Grigio Argento mercedes
Grigio Azzurro 19385
Grigio Azzurro 19385 It.
Grigio Azzurro K 2
Grigio Beige 2.443.813 A It.
Grigio Bicolore
Grigio Camping 12004
Grigio Camping 19249 It.
Grigio Canna di fucile
Grigio Chiaro 15702 MM
Grigio Conchiglia
Grigio Conchiglia 15702 M
Grigio Conchiglia 16249 – Tetto grigio 16674
Grigio Conchiglia 16249 M
Grigio Conchiglia 16249 MM
Grigio Conchiglia 16439
Grigio Conchiglia 18933 It.
Grigio Conchiglia 18933 MM It.
Grigio Conchiglia 19175 It.
Grigio Conchiglia 21694 It.
Grigio Conchiglia 23992 It.
Grigio Conchiglia VM 16249
Grigio Conchiglia betulla
Grigio Duco 1149
Grigio duco 1114
Grigio Ferro 106-E-8
Grigio Ferro 6336011
Grigio Ferro Met. 106-E-8
Grigio Fiat 1263
Grigio Fiat 16677
Grigio Fiat 634 D – 1263 Duco
Grigio Florida 16665 MM
Grigio Fumo
Grigio Fumo 16672
Grigio Fumo 16672 M
Grigio Fumo 16672 MM
Grigio Fumo 18944 M
Grigio Fumo 18944 M It.
Grigio Fumo 18944 MM
Grigio Fumo 20294 A It.
Grigio Fumo 20294 Acr.
Grigio Fumo 20294 Acr. It.
Grigio Fumo 20294 It.
Grigio Fumo 20294 M
Grigio Fumo 21266 It.
Grigio Fumo 28285 Acr. It.
Grigio Fumo 28285 It.
Grigio Fumo 28806 Acr. It.
Grigio Fumo 7798130/21
Grigio Fumo 82481
Grigio Fumo Acr. 27850 It.
Grigio Fumo Acr. 28975 It.
Grigio Fumo Acr. 29318 It.
Grigio Inglewood 16201
Grigio LC 2 – Tetto grigio LC 49
Grigio LC 2 MM
Grigio LC 49
Grigio LC 49 – Tetto amaranto 015472
Grigio LC 49 – Tetto verde LC 17
Grigio LC 49 MM
Grigio LC 49 MM – Tetto grigio LC 5
Grigio LC 49 MM – Tetto rosso scuro Met.
Grigio LC 7 MM
Grigio Latte 015702 – Tetto verde 395
Grigio Le Sancy 2.443.009
Grigio MM 015702
Grigio MM 15702 M
Grigio MM LC 49
Grigio MM LC 49 – Tetto Amaranto 015472
Grigio MM LC 49 – Tetto Grigio Fumo 16672
Grigio Mahmoud 2.443.931
Grigio Mammouth
Grigio medio 19248 It.
Grigio medio 19249
Grigio medio 20434 A It.
Grigio medio 20434 Sint. It.
Grigio Met.
Grigio Met. 16003
Grigio Met. 16201 M
Grigio Met. 16249
Grigio Met. 16650
Grigio Met. 16650 M
Grigio Met. ICI
Grigio Met. LC 2 MM – tetto LC 49
Grigio Met. LC 49
Grigio Met. LC 49 – tetto LC 2 MM
Grigio Met. LC 49 – tetto LC 5
Grigio Met. LC 49 MM – tetto amaranto 015472 MM
Grigio Met. MM 16201
Grigio Met. MM 16672
Grigio Met. MM LC 2
Grigio Met. MM LC 37
Grigio Met. MM LC 49
Grigio Met. SPE 16503 L
Grigio Met. chiaro – tetto grigio Met. scuro
Grigio Met. speciale
Grigio Montebello 16003
Grigio Montebello lancia 16003
Grigio Newmarket 16817
Grigio Newmarket 16817 MM Acr. It.
Grigio Notte
Grigio Notte 106-E-28
Grigio Notte 106-F-28
Grigio Notte 18933 M
Grigio Notte 18933 M It.
Grigio Notte 18933 Salchi
Grigio Notte 20265 It.
Grigio Notte 20266 A
Grigio Notte 20266 A It.
Grigio Notte 20266 Acr. It.
Grigio Notte 20266 It.
Grigio Notte 20366 Acr. It.
Grigio Notte 22666 A It.
Grigio Notte 28284 Acr. It.
Grigio Notte 28289 Acr. It.
Grigio Notte 28976 Acr. It.
Grigio Notte 29694 Acr. It.
Grigio Ortello 2.443.613
Grigio Ortello 2.443.813
Grigio perla MM 015702
Grigio PF 160
Grigio Platinato MM 16656
Grigio Savidim
Grigio Schell Betull
Grigio Scuro
Grigio Scuro 13420
Grigio Scuro 13420 M
Grigio Scuro 13420 MM
Grigio Scuro 18432 It.
Grigio Scuro 18932
Grigio Scuro 18932 It.
Grigio Scuro 19238 M It.
Grigio Scuro 20-E-166
Grigio Scuro 20108 It.
Grigio Scuro 20152 It.
Grigio Scuro 20152 S It.
Grigio Scuro 20152 Sint. It.
Grigio Scuro 24008 A
Grigio Scuro It.
Grigio Scuro Met.
Grigio Scuro Met. 24008
Grigio Scuro Sint. 18932 It.
Grigio Scuro Sint. 28132 It.
Grigio Scuro Sint. It.
Grigio Scuro serie ME It.
Grigio stilan. 16201M
GRIGIO TITANIO METALL.FQ 3238Grigio Scuro spec. Silverstone
Grigio topo
LC 49 – Tetto LC 18
Luce bosco 2.443.550
Marrone – Tetto grigio
Marrone 106-M-73
Marrone 19373 It.
Marrone 19378 It.
Marrone 2.443.221
Marrone 2.662.378 S It.
Marrone 20-M-189
Marrone 20-R-189
Marrone 20235
Marrone 20235 S It.
Marrone 20325 It.
Marrone 20325 S It.
Marrone 20325 Sint. It.
Marrone 6332007
Marrone Colorado
Marrone Colorado 2.443.221
Marrone Met.
Marrone Met. 106-M-73
Maxoloid Azzurro Reale
Maxoloid Beige Classico 16260
Maxoloid Grigio Fumo 16672
Molvedo 2.443.632
Mountain blu
Nero – Tetto grigio saloma
Nero 10036
Nero 10036 MM
Nero 11911 MM
Nero 18656
Nero 18656 It.
Nero 18656 S
Nero 18656 S It.
Nero 18929
Nero 18929 It.
Nero 18929 M
Nero 19374
Nero 2.667.004
Nero 2.667.004 S
Nero 20-B-50
Nero 20-B-50 e Verde
Nero 20-B-619
Nero 20581 A It.
Nero 20581 Acr. It.
Nero 26757 It.
Nero 5991619
Nero Dark Ronald
Nero Dark Ronald 2.667.004
NERO DS 1250
Nero It.
Nero Sint. 18656
Nero Tropicale
Nero Tropicale 52701
Nero Tropicale IVI
Nero Tropicale IVI – senza tetto
Nero Tropicale IVI 2616
Nero VM 10036
Nero e Grigio
Nocciola 106-M-27
Nocciola 16259
Nocciola 16259 M
Nocciola 16259 MM
Nocciola 19379 M
Nocciola 19397
Nocciola 19397 M
Nocciola 19397 M It.
Nocciola 19397 Salchi
Nocciola 2.443.607
Nocciola 20451 A It.
Nocciola 20458 A It.
Nocciola Met.
Nocciola Met. 106-M-27
Oro 16288 MM
Oro 2.443.248
Oro Andalusia MM 16265
Oro Chiaro
Oro Chiaro 106-Y-137
Oro Chiaro 106-Y-19
Oro Chiaro 106-Y-490
Oro Chiaro 16213 MM
Oro Chiaro 19410 M
Oro Chiaro 19410 M It.
Oro Chiaro 20450 A It.
Oro Chiaro 20450 Acr. It.
Oro Chiaro 6334015
Oro Chiaro Met.
Oro Kelso 2.443.214
Oro Kelso 2.443.214 It.
Oro Kelso 2.443.625
Oro Longchamps 16288
Oro Longchamps 16288 MM
Oro Longchamps Acr. It.
Oro Nashrulleh 2.443.248
Oro Nashrulleh 2.443.413
Oro Nashullah
Oro Scuro
Ortello 2.443.813
Prugna 20-R-549
Rame 106-M-49
Rame 106-R-49
Rame Kupfer 23584 A It.
Rame Met. 106-R-49
Riverniciata su Nero Tropicale IVI – Grigio perla
Rosso – L. bianco
Rosso – Tetto Beige
Rosso 02027 MM
Rosso 10027
Rosso 10027 MM
Rosso 10593
Rosso 10593 MM
Rosso 10593 MM con tetto nero 18929
Rosso 133-R-9
Rosso 1477 IVI
Rosso 16119 MM
Rosso 169-R-26
Rosso 19374
Rosso 19374 It.
Rosso 19374 M
Rosso 19374 Sint. It.
Rosso 19948 Acr. It.
Rosso 2.664.901 S
Rosso 2.664.901 S It.
Rosso 20-R-187
Rosso 20-R-190
Rosso 20-R-351
Rosso 20200
Rosso 20200 It.
Rosso 20200 S
Rosso 20200 S It.
Rosso 20200 Sint.
Rosso 20200 Sint. It.
Rosso Acr. 25621 It.
Rosso Alfa Romeo It.
Rosso Amaranto 02027 M
Rosso Amaranto Roma 16132
Rosso Bordeaux 10027
Rosso Bordeaux 10027 MM
Rosso Bordeaux 2.664.032
Rosso Bordeaux 20-R-351
Rosso Bordeaux MM 10027
Rosso Cherry
Rosso Cherry 95.3.9301
Rosso Chiaro 5995190
Rosso Cina
Rosso Cina 10847 It.
Rosso Cina 20456 It.
Rosso Cina 20456 S
Rosso Cina 20456 S It.
Rosso Cina 22450 It.
Rosso Cina 25996 It
Rosso Cina 815
Rosso Cina 95C 9614
Rosso Cina Chiaro
Rosso Cina Duco 9467542
Rosso Cina Duco 9539614
Rosso Cina It.
Rosso Cina MM
Rosso Cina MM 10593
Rosso Cina MM 10847
Rosso Cina MM 10847 It.
Rosso Cina MM 17847
Rosso Cina con banda bianca
Rosso Cina ex MM 10847
Rosso Cinese D 815 duco
Rosso Cordoba
Rosso Cordoba 106-E-7
Rosso Cordoba 106-R-136
Rosso Cordoba 106-R-7
Rosso Cordoba 20-R-136
Rosso Cordoba It.
Rosso Corsa – Tetto nero
Rosso Corsa 10593
Rosso Corsa 10593 MM
Rosso Corsa 10598 MM
Rosso Corsa 29525
Rosso Corsa 6504 A It.
Rosso Corsa con banda bianco/rosso/blu
Rosso Corsa con banda logitudinale bianca
Rosso Dino 106-A-72
Rosso Dino 20-A-349
Rosso Dino 20-R-350
Rosso Dino 5995350
Rosso Duco 815
Rosso Ferrari 10593
Rosso Ferrari 20-R-187
Rosso MM 02093
Rosso MM 10043 – nero
Rosso MM 10593
Rosso MM 10953
Rosso Maya 12441
Rosso Maya 12441 MM
Rosso Mercedes
Rosso Met. 133-R-10
Rosso Met. 16244 M
Rosso Met. 6335010
Rosso Met. MM 10593
Rosso Met. MM 16213
Rosso Met. MM 16244
Rosso Met. Pininfarina
Rosso Met. speciale 262
Rosso Nearco
Rosso Nearco 2.443.221
Rosso Nearco 2.664.032
Rosso Nearco It.
Rosso Rubino
Rosso Rubino 106-R-12
Rosso Rubino 106-R-83
Rosso Rubino 16119
Rosso Rubino 16119 M
Rosso Rubino 16119 MM
Rosso Rubino 16213 MM
Rosso Rubino 2.443.459
Rosso Rubino 2.443.459 It.
Rosso Rubino 20-R-12
Rosso Rubino 20-R-350
Rosso Rubino 20-Y-348
Rosso Rubino 24747 A
Rosso Rubino 6335009
Rosso Rubino Acr. 19327 M It.
Rosso Rubino It.
Rosso Rubino MM 16119
Rosso Rubino MM 16213
Rosso Rubino Serie ME It.
Rosso Rubino VM 16119
Rosso Rubino chiaro 16213
Rosso Rubino chiaro MM 16213
Rosso Scuro 6503 It.
Rosso Sint. 20200 It.
Rosso Sir Ivor
Rosso Sir Ivor 9539301
Rosso Speciale 50002/95M 5208
Rosso Toreador
Rosso Vivo 10043M
Rosso Vivo MM 10043
Rosso chiaro 20-R-190
Rosso con banda trasversale nera
Rosso corsa
Rosso corsa Ferrari
Rosso e Bianco
Rosso e Marrone – Tetto beige chiaro
Rosso e Nero
Rubino 106-R-12
Rubino 16213 M
Rubino Chiaro 106-R-12
Rubino Chiaro 16213 M
Rubino Chiaro 16213 MM
Savia 4008
Shell Grey – Tetto MM LC 5
Signal Orange Porsche
Testa di Moro (Marrone It.)
Turchese 2.443.214
Turchese 2.443.632
Turchese 23132 A
Turchese Chiaro
Turchese Molvedo 2.443.632
Verde “HP”
Verde – Tetto grigio
Verde – Tetto verde 16364 M
Verde 106-G-21
Verde 11330 MM
Verde 19394
Verde 339 lichberoid
Verde 6012 It.
Verde Acr. 25620 It.
Verde BP
Verde Bahram 2.443.546
Verde Bahram 2.443.546 It.
Verde Bahram It.
Verde Blenheim 2.443.578
Verde Bosco
Verde Bosco 16220
Verde Bosco 16220 MM
Verde Bosco Savidim 75337
Verde Bottiglia
Verde Bottiglia 16364
Verde Bottiglia 16364 – Tetto 16348
Verde Bottiglia 9.537.478
Verde Bottiglia Duco
Verde Brillante 15533 ME
Verde Chiaro
Verde Chiaro – tetto Verde Scuro
Verde Chiaro 19316 M
Verde Chiaro 19319 It.
Verde Chiaro 2.443.502
Verde Chiaro Acr. 29268 It.
Verde Dora 16348
Verde Dora 348 Fiat
Verde Dora MM 16348
Verde Germoglio 20-G-465
Verde Lip
Verde MM 015251
Verde Medio
Verde Medio 106-G-29
Verde Medio 19400 M It.
Verde Medio 19947 A
Verde Medio 19947 A It.
Verde Medio 19947 M It.
Verde Medio 2.443.561
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Verde Medio Met.
Verde Medio Met. 106-G-29
Verde Medio Met. 633.7.013
Verde Medio Niyinsky
Verde Medio Niyinsky It.
Verde Met. spec. 26064 A
Verde Pimlico 12040
Verde Pimlico 12040 – tetto grigio 11618
Verde Pimlico 12040 MM
Verde Pino
Verde Pino 106-G-30
Verde Pino 19404
Verde Pino 19404 M
Verde Pino 19404 M It.
Verde Pino 2.443.578
Verde Pino 2.443.625
Verde Pino 20-G-355
Verde Pino 20453
Verde Pino 20453 A
Verde Pino 20453 Acr. It.
Verde Pino 20453 It.
Verde Pino 8.296.1
Verde Pino Blenhrim
Verde Pino Met.
Verde Pino Met. 106-G-30
Verde Pino Met. 19404 It.
Verde SS 6630418 – Ton. 903
Verde Salchi nitro PF 82
Verde Savidim 20258
Verde Scuro
Verde Scuro 19394
Verde Scuro 19394 It.
Verde Scuro 19592 It.
Verde Scuro 2.665.902
Verde Scuro 20-G-186
Verde Scuro 20-G-355
Verde Scuro 20449 S It.
Verde Scuro 20573 Acr. It.
Verde Scuro Fiat 339
Verde Scuro MM 10517
Verde Scuro Sint. 20449 It.
Verde Scuro speciale
Verde Seabird 2.665.902
Verde Seabird 2.665.982
Verde Senna
Verde Senna MM 16340
Verde Tevere
Verde artic 2179 IC
Verde artic green 2179 ICI
Verde azzurro taormina 16227
Verde con tetto Nero Tropicale IVI (verde Fiat 113
Verde pino 633.7.014
Verde speciale
Viola 106-A-71
Viola 2.443.412
Viola Blandford Stalvert
Viola Blanford
Viola Dino 106-R-71
Viola Dino Met. 106-A-71
Viola Met. 106-A-71
Volpe Argentata 106-E-44


Chevrolet Launches The Volt — On Time and As Scheduled!

October 10, 2010

It’s 10-10-10…and just as promised, Chevrolet today announced that it’s game-changing Volt is officially on the market. Just yesterday GM exhibited a production Volt in Tacoma, WA as it heads cross-country to illustrate its road trip flexibility.

GM’s future hinges on this car, because as Bob Lutz told me a couple years ago, the Volt’s plug-in technology will soon be offered in every front-wheel-drive car in the corporation’s portfolio. Although I have been ultra-critical of GM in the past, I have been an outspoken supporter of the Volt technology and GM’s plug-in business plan.

The press release keys on the primary advantages that will make the Volt a winner: insanely high real-world MPG (or cost per mile) without the need for a second car — which differentiates it from the Leaf and all of the other thousands of battery-only powered vehicles offered for sale since the late 1800s.

Here is the official press release. Let the Prius market share decline begin!

2011 Chevrolet Volt Reinvents Automotive Transportation In A Complete, No-Compromises Electric Package
World’s first mass-produced, plug-in electric vehicle with a range-extending onboard engine
Revolutionary Voltec propulsion system delivers between 25 and 50 miles of electric driving (depending on terrain, driving techniques and temperature) with a long-life, 16-kW lithium-ion battery and 111-kW (149-hp) electric drive unit; and up to 310 miles of extended range with an onboard 1.4L engine
Eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on lithium-ion battery pack
Vehicle dynamics, upscale materials, refinement and spirited performance of a premium sports sedan in an ultra-efficient package
Extensive use of high-strength steel and full suite of vehicle safety technologies provide occupant protection before, during and after a crash
Easy-to-use technologies such as configurable displays, Chevrolet Mobile App powered by OnStar MyLink, and web portal enhance owner experience
Five years of OnStar Directions and Connections service, including Automatic Crash Response, stolen vehicle assistance and connected navigation
DETROIT – Chevrolet today introduced the all-new, 2011 Volt electric vehicle with extended range, establishing an entirely new segment in the global automotive market. The five-door, four-passenger Volt is designed to provide the benefits of an electric vehicle without the range limitations associated with other electric vehicles in the market.

“The Chevrolet Volt can be the only car you own,” said Mark Reuss, president, GM North America. “The Volt delivers it all: a revolutionary propulsion system, progressive styling, industry-leading safety, premium amenities and user-friendly technologies, and spirited driving dynamics.”

Designed, engineered, built and delivered to customers in 29 months, the Volt will go on sale at Chevrolet dealers before the end of 2010. It is offered in one very well-equipped standard trim level, along with two option packages: a Premium Trim Package and a Rear Camera and Park Assist Package.

The Volt is in a class by itself

The Chevrolet Volt is not a hybrid. It is a one-of-a-kind, all-electrically driven vehicle designed and engineered to operate in all climates. Powered by GM’s revolutionary Voltec propulsion system, it consists of a 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and electric drive unit that provide pure electric range between 25 and 50 miles, depending on terrain, driving techniques and temperature. A 1.4L gasoline-powered engine extends the range up to an additional 310 miles on a full tank of fuel by operating the vehicle’s electric drive system until the car can be plugged in and recharged or refueled. This distinguishes the Volt from electric-only vehicles, which cannot be operated when recharging is not immediately available – such as during a power interruption or on a long-distance trip.

“The Chevrolet Volt makes the electric driving experience as productive, efficient, intuitive, safe and fun as any premium vehicle its size in the market today,” said Doug Parks, Volt global vehicle line executive.

Every major element of the Volt was designed and analyzed for efficiency, including its highly aerodynamic exterior, lightweight wheels, specially designed tires, energy-saving premium stereo system, and more. This attention to detail makes the Volt one of the most aerodynamic and energy-efficient vehicles in the market.

The Volt redefines electric drive

The heart of the Chevrolet Volt is its Voltec propulsion system, which combines pure electric drive and an efficient, range-extending engine, giving to the Volt up to 350 total miles of range.

The Volt’s long-life battery consists of a 5.5-foot, 435-pound (198.1 kg) T-shaped, 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack manufactured in Brownstown Township, Mich. It supplies energy to an advanced, 111-kW (149-hp) electric drive unit to propel the vehicle. Using only the energy stored in the battery, the Volt delivers between 25 and 50 miles of fuel- and tailpipe emissions-free electric driving, depending on terrain, driving techniques and temperature.

The Volt battery is designed to deliver value, safety, quality, performance, durability and reliability. It is covered by an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty. Since 2007, GM engineers have completed more than one million miles and four million hours of validation testing of Volt battery packs, as well as each pack’s nine modules and 288 prismatic cells. The development, validation and test teams have met thousands of specifications and validated each of the Volt battery’s 161 components, 95 percent of which GM designed and engineered.

“Our customers are making a commitment to technology that will help reduce our dependence on petroleum,” said Micky Bly, GM executive director, global electrical systems. “In turn, we commit to deliver the highest standards for value, safety, quality, performance and reliability to our customers.”

When the battery energy is depleted, the Volt seamlessly transitions to extended-range mode. Power is inverted from a technically advanced, 1.4L 63-kW (84-hp) gasoline-powered onboard engine to the electric drive unit to provide up to 310 additional miles of range.

The Volt proves electric driving can be spirited. Not only does the Volt reach a top speed of 100 mph, the electric drive unit’s excellent low speed torque of 273 lb.-ft. (368 Nm) takes it from 0 to 60 mph in less than 9.0 seconds and the quarter mile in less than 17.0 seconds.

Charging the Volt’s battery is simple and intuitive, and can be done through 120V conventional household electrical outlets, or through a dedicated 240V charging station. The vehicle is completely rechargeable in about four hours using a 240V outlet and 10 to 12 hours in a 120V outlet. Once the vehicle is plugged in, owners can schedule either immediate or delayed charges, even coordinating charging according to departure time or when electricity rates are lower. Owners also can manage and monitor the Volt remotely via computer on; or an exclusive smart phone application, Chevrolet Mobile App powered by OnStar MyLink.

The Volt is designed and refined to impress

The Chevrolet Volt’s bold, sleek, performance-oriented stance conveys its electrically driven capabilities, and looks like an upscale, midsize sport sedan. This is made possible by its wide front and rear tracks (61.2 / 62.1 inches [1556 / 1578 mm]), 105.7-inch (2685 mm) wheelbase, wheels-out stance, sculpted belt line and premium execution.

“The Volt is a revolutionary car, and we wanted the design to make as sleek and dynamic a statement as possible,” said Bob Boniface, director of design. “When you look at this car, it’s very technical and refined in its execution, with lots of interrelating surfaces that bring clean, crisp edges and creases.”

Working closely with aerodynamicists in GM’s own wind tunnel to shape the Volt, design and engineering teams developed the most aerodynamic vehicle in Chevrolet’s history. By reducing the energy needed to overcome air resistance, Volt aerodynamicists contributed an estimated eight miles of electric range, and 50 miles of extended range.

The Volt’s rounded and flush front fascia, tapered corners and grille enable air to move easily around the car to reduce drag. In the rear, sharp edges and a carefully designed spoiler control air flow. An aggressive rake on the windshield and back glass also helps reduce turbulence and drag.

Inside and out, element-to-element gap and flush relationships are as good or better than any in the segment. Even the underhood compartment is not overlooked: All components are held to a high standard of appearance that harmonizes with the rest of the car, using similarly grained surfaces and colors.

The distinctive, gloss black rear liftgate appliqué carries the Chevrolet bowtie and one of two Volt insignias; the other is found on the forward quarter panel. Six exterior colors are offered on the Volt, including Viridian Joule Tricoat, the winning name chosen in a national contest held last year. The others are Silver Ice Metallic, Black and Cyber Gray Metallic, Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat and White Diamond Tricoat.

Inside, the Volt offers the space, comfort, convenience and safety features that customers expect in a premium five-door sedan – including storage compartments and 40/40 rear-folding seats. It also delivers them in a variety of interior color, lighting and trim options unlike any offered before on a Chevrolet sedan, but with Chevrolet’s signature dual cockpit design.

Two, seven-inch, high-resolution full-color screens are featured: One is a reconfigurable graphic cluster display and the other, in the center stack, features a touch screen display, touch-control switches and integrated shifter.

The graphics in the instrument panel and door inserts are repeated in the premium cloth or available leather-appointed seats. Bright silver appointments appear around the door switches, center cup holders, door pulls, centerstack switches and climate control outlets. Standard infotainment features include:

Navigation radio with 60-GB (30 GB for music storage) hard disc drive, AM/FM/DVD-Rom/MP3 playback capability, voice recognition, Radio Data System, Bluetooth and pause-and-play radio functions
XM Satellite Radio with XM NavTraffic/Weather, one of the industry’s most advanced, real-time information systems
Premium, energy-saving Bose audio system with six speakers and subwoofer
Five years of OnStar Directions and Connections service.
In addition to enhancing safety and solidity, the Volt’s stiff structure accommodates features that help to isolate engine and wind noise for a whisper-quiet cabin.

The Volt features excellent driving dynamics

Great driving dynamics begin with a solid body-frame-integral structure that enables optimal tuning and provides drivers with an enhanced sense of stability, solidity and confident road manners.

The Volt’s MacPherson strut-type suspension, sophisticated compound crank rear axle and quick-reacting, rack-mounted electric power steering system with ZF steering gear – a feature commonly found on premium sport sedans – have been tuned to deliver a smooth, refined ride with responsive handling and solid, on-center feel. A low center of gravity combines with the wider track and long wheelbase for balanced performance, and front and rear hydraulic ride bushings, another premium addition, help eliminate road harshness.

The electro-hydraulic regenerative brake system captures energy up to 0.2g for transfer back to the battery. The friction braking system features large rotors with a special finishing process that protects against corrosion and promotes longer life.

The Volt rides on lightweight aluminum wheels that weigh only 17.8 pounds (8.1 kg) each, compared to 24.2 pounds (11 kg) for typical 17-inch wheels. They’re wrapped in Goodyear Fuel Max all-season, low-rolling resistance tires optimized for electric vehicle range, noise, feel and performance.

The Volt features Chevrolet’s continuous safety

Like all Chevrolet vehicles, the Volt helps protect occupants before, during and – thanks to OnStar – after a crash. Crash-avoidance features include standard anti-lock brakes with traction control, StabiliTrak electronic stability control and advanced, LED daytime running lamps that make the Volt more visible to other motorists and pedestrians.

Occupant protection continues with a strong structure, and the Chevrolet Volt’s body-frame-integral structure strategically blends advanced steels to help ensure crashworthiness and stiffness. Nearly 80 percent of the Volt’s overall structure consists either of high-strength, advanced high-strength or ultra high-strength steel. Active occupant protection features include eight standard air bags and safety belts with dual pretensioners to help reduce the risk of injury.

After a crash, the Chevrolet Volt offers the security of OnStar, which uses built-in vehicle sensors to automatically alert an OnStar advisor in certain types of collisions. The advisor is immediately connected to the vehicle and can request that emergency help be sent to its location.

Because the Volt operates so quietly in all-electric mode, a driver-activated feature sounds a noise to alert pedestrians, particularly those with visual impairments, in an intersection. The alert was developed in conjunction with the American Federation of the Blind.

The Volt connects with owners 24/7

There is much more technology inside the Volt than its electric propulsion system. Intuitive features such as high-resolution displays, connectivity and the ability to monitor and control vehicle functions remotely redefine how owners interface with their vehicles.

Key technologies include:

Touch-control switch system on the center console
High-resolution, seven-inch, full-color LCD reconfigurable Driver Information Center display. The display shows electric-only range, fuel economy, , extended-range, trip information, tire pressure information and other key vehicle messages.
High-resolution, seven-inch, full-color, center stack-mounted touch screen display that serves as the interface for infotainment and cabin climate controls. An Efficiency (Leaf) switch accesses energy usage, power flow and charging screens – all easy to use and understand.
Charge modes are customizable according to need and electricity rates for efficient programming and lower costs.
A key fob that allows drivers to remotely start the vehicle and precondition the cabin based on outside temperatures
An exclusive mobile app, powered by OnStar MyLink, that enables owners to engage with the Volt functions using a smart phone.
Volt warranties bring value and peace of mind

Volt owners receive outstanding battery and vehicle limited warranty coverage. In addition to the eight-year/100,000-mile limited warranty on the Volt’s 16-kWh lithium-ion battery, Chevrolet will provide:

Three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage
Five-year/100,000-mile roadside assistance and courtesy transportation
Five-year/100,000-mile limited gas engine coverage
Six-year/100,000-mile corrosion protection coverage.

Volt Goes Cross-Country To Show Why It’s A True Paradigm Shift

September 30, 2010

GM announced today that a team of new Chevy Volts will go cross country to show the benefits of its plug-in hybrid. Actually, it is more of an exhibit why the Leaf and other battery-only vehicles are nothing more than toys requiring owners to have another car in the garage.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the days of Prius rule for mileage-minded folks is over. More importantly, the era of gasoline (or diesel)-only travel is winding down. As Bob Lutz told me two years ago: “all of our front-wheel-drive cars will be standardized on Volt technology.”

The game changer is real — and going across America to prove it. Here’s the full release:

Power to the People – Chevrolet Unplugs Volt and Hits the Road
Cross-country drive brings the Chevrolet Volt directly to consumers

DETROIT — A caravan of Chevrolet Volts will embark on a 3,400-mile, cross-country drive showcasing how easy it will be to live with the world’s first electric vehicle with extended-range capability.

The tour, dubbed “Volt Unplugged,” will give consumers an opportunity to test-drive the Volt, meet the people behind the development of the vehicles – Chevrolet engineers, designers and others – and participate in activities at each stop.

“The Volt Unplugged tour will give people a chance to get behind the wheel of the Volt and find out for themselves what makes this vehicle so special,” said Tony DiSalle, Chevrolet Volt product and marketing director. “This drive will demonstrate the one-of-a-kind capabilities of the Volt, the only electric vehicle able to drive such long distances under a variety of driving conditions and climates without having to stop to recharge.”

The tour is similar to July’s “Freedom Drive,” where the Volt completed a three-day 1,776-mile drive from Austin, Texas to New York City to demonstrate the Volt’s extended-range capability. Stops on the Volt Unplugged tour include:

Oct. 9 and 10 – Seattle
Oct. 13 and 14 – San Francisco
Oct. 16 – 18 – Los Angeles
Oct. 20 – San Diego
Oct. 22 and 23 – San Antonio
Oct. 24 and 25 – Houston
Oct. 28 and 29 – Miami
Oct. 30 – Orlando
Oct. 29 and 30 – Washington, D.C.
Nov. 1 – Raleigh, N.C.
Nov. 5 – 7 – New York City
Nov. 18 – 20 – Chicago
Along the drive, Chevrolet representatives will reach out to local community leaders, schools and consumers to educate each group about the one-of-a-kind characteristics of the Volt and discuss the progress of the nation’s electrical infrastructure. There will also be many opportunities to sit in and/or drive one of six Volts that will be on tour.

Marriott International and its Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites and TownePlaces Suites hotels will serve as the hotel supplier of the Volt Unplugged Tour. Marriott has a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment, building greener hotels, minimizing energy and water use, reducing impacts along its supply chain and investing in conservation projects worldwide. For customers looking to travel in style with a lighter footprint, the Volt and Marriott offer a great solution.

Fans can follow the Volt’s journey and register for test-drive opportunities on the “Unplugged” tab located at, the Volt’s official social network or on the Chevrolet Volt Facebook page. Participants in the tour will share updates using the Volt’s many online platforms including the @ChevyVolt Twitter account, the Chevrolet Posterous page and the Chevrolet Volt Foursquare account. These platforms will feature photos, videos and text updates to keep consumers updated on the tour.

On a fully charged battery and tank of gas, the Volt has a driving range of hundreds of miles. Because the Volt can use gasoline to create its own electricity in extended-range mode, long trips are possible. The Volt is powered only from electricity stored in its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery for a typical range of 25 to 50 miles depending on terrain, driving technique, temperature and battery age. When the Volt’s battery runs low, a gas engine-generator seamlessly engages to extend the driving range

The Chevrolet Volt starts production at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility this fall and will be sold in California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan and Washington D.C. Quantities will be limited. The Volt will be sold nationwide about 12-18 months after start of production.

The Volt’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $41,000 ($33,500 net of the full federal tax credit, which ranges from $0-$7,500) including a destination freight charge of $720. GM expects to offer qualified lessees a price as low as $350/month with $2,500 down at lease signing, including security deposit based on current conditions, which could vary at time of delivery. The benefit of the $7,500 tax credit is included in the reduced lease payment, with the tax credit going to the lessor. The lease term is 36 months with 12,000 miles per year.

Classic Engine Symphony: Nine Classic GT40s Fire Up At Kirkland Concours d’Elegance 2010

September 14, 2010

Throw out the notion that Concours d’Elegance events are just sedate wine and cheese affairs where the only sounds are crystal glasses clanging and the rubbing of hundred-dollar-bills on each other within thick wallets. At this weekend’s 2010 Kirkland Concours attendees were given unique visual and aural thrills when the class of nine vintage Ford GT-40s all fired-up their engines and revved.

The class included five MK I models, a ’66 MK II and a ’66 MK III, as well as a ’67 427-ci MK IV. And if these weren’t impressive enough, the unique ’65 Prototype Spyder was also there singing.

Watch the video and enjoy.

Craigslist Posting Of The Day: Efficiency In Atrociousness Edition

September 4, 2010

This one doesn’t require any commentary, because it speaks for itself. Still, I have to mention it earns points for working in mispelling, severe botching of a name (Vanden Plas) and contradicting condition descriptives in only seven words.

1995 Jaguer, Vanderglas – $2000 (Puyallup)

Date: 2010-09-04, 2:52PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Needs some work…great condition

GM Announces New CEO

August 12, 2010

GM announced a plan to replace Ed Whitacre as CEO and Chairman of the Board with Dan Akerson. This is not a surprising move.

Akerson fits all the current checkboxes for a proper leader of GM. Besides being white and having gray hair and a penis, which are the most common features of automotive leaders, Akerson meets the popular current criteria of being a non-auto industry guy with multiple CEO leadership positions in the past. With the success of Ford under a former Boeing gent, GM has gone even further away from the miserable groupthink-prone auto industry pool of leaders with telecomm veteran Akerson.

We just hope that under Akerson GM doesn’t mimic the telecommunications industry by offering innovative, but constantly changing priced and packaged products with horrible customer service. Come to think of it, the only industries offering worse customer service than automotive are telecommunications, airline travel and banking.

Here’s GM’s official announcement:

DETROIT – General Motors today said that Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. will step down as chief executive officer on September 1, 2010, and as chairman of the board by the end of the year, having successfully led the company’s return to profitability after the most turbulent period in its history.

Earlier today, GM reported its second consecutive quarter of profits after a string of losses dating back to 2007.

Dan Akerson, 61, who has served on the GM board of directors since July 2009, will become CEO on September 1 and chairman by the end of the year, ensuring a smooth transition and continued positive momentum for the company.

“My goal in coming to General Motors was to help restore profitability, build a strong market position, and position this iconic company for success,” said Whitacre. “We are clearly on that path. A strong foundation is in place and I am comfortable with the timing of my decision.”

Whitacre, 68, joined GM as chairman of the board on July 10, 2009. On December 1, 2009, he was named chief executive officer. He led the company after it emerged from a historic bankruptcy to become a profitable automaker again.

“Ed Whitacre was exactly what this company needed, at exactly the right time,” said Pat Russo, lead director on the GM board. “He simplified the organization, reshaped the company’s vision, put the right people in place, and brought renewed energy and optimism to GM.”

“Dan Akerson has been actively engaged in and supportive of the key decisions and changes made at the new GM. He brings broad business experience, decisive leadership, and continuity to this role,” said Russo. “The board of directors deeply appreciates the leadership Ed has provided and is pleased with the serious commitment Dan is making to the company. We look forward to his leadership.”

In addition to serving on the GM board since July 2009, Akerson has had a distinguished career in finance as a managing director at the Carlyle Group and in telecommunication, serving as chairman and chief executive officer of XO Communications and at Nextel Communications. He was also chairman and CEO of General Instrument Corp.

“There are remarkable opportunities ahead for the new GM, and I am honored to lead the company through this next chapter,” said Akerson. “Ed Whitacre established a foundation upon which we will continue building a great automobile company.”

Craigslist Posting Of The Day — School Failure Edition

July 30, 2010

Our Craigslist Posting Of The Day is a perfect example of the outright failure of our school system, as well as the keyboard industry’s ability to make shift and punctuation keys easier to reach.

pontic ferrio – $200
Date: 2010-07-30, 12:29PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
i have an 1984 pontic ferrio that i brought home for my little brother for a fixer up project car and after a year on it sitting he decieded that he didnt want it and i dont need it it does need some work done to it it needs to have the drivers seat replaced cus the padding is all ripped up it needs new weather stripping on the moon roof a park brake cable and it needs a battery other then that i dunno the guy i got it from said that it ran great and was completly awesome on gas im only asking 200 obo please i need the car gone asap i do have picz but my comp wont upload them if you wish to see them i will email them you

Wow, where do we start? Not knowing the car is a Fiero vs. “Ferrio”, lack of conventions, spelling mistakes, using “cus”!?!?! I think we should track down this poster’s parents and former teachers and ask why they were asleep at the wheel while this knucklehead was growing up.