Russo and Steele Auction Tents Fall Under Heavy Wind And Rain

This just in…Severe rain and wind in Scottsdale caused two tents at the Russo and Steele auction to collapse. Most importantly, it seems there were no injuries. The force of the wind tossing the tent material and supports have caused significant damage to cars, but the extent is not fully known.

Local news coverage with interviews and video is available at:

It is noted in the news coverage that R+S head Drew Alcazar immediately put the safety of attendees and workers first. A leader in the industry…we’ve found Drew to be a true class-act and a straight shooter. Those consigning cars at the show should feel confident that R+S will make everything whole. We’re guessing that as soon as Drew could confirm the safety of everyone, he was hard at work making sure every last customer — be it seller or potential bidder would come away feeling like R+S went above and beyond.


3 Responses to Russo and Steele Auction Tents Fall Under Heavy Wind And Rain

  1. Cindy Meitle says:

    Drew and Josephine are a class act. They “care” about their customers, sponsors and visiting guests. This is most unfortunates. I was at the site and the cars are stunning this year. We had blue skies and “Simpson” clouds on Wednesday and it looked like we might get a break but the reports were right. First So Cal had a Tornado warning, then Nor Cal…well, Scottsdale got a pretty big helping of wind and rain….poles, flapping tents….convertibles with their roofs down, debris flying in the rain…they aren’t letting anyone near their cars until later today, I can respect that but I know a few in sheer panic and I feel for them. Thoughts and Prayers to the Russo and Steele team and I know Monterey will be incredible this year.

  2. ddigerness says:

    Want to make sure that everyone knows how well the Russo and Steele team handled this situation last evening. They are truly a class act and dealt with this minor act of God in the most professional way possible. I hope that the weather eases and we can head back out this weekend!!!

  3. Brian Guggenmos says:

    Sam. When I was working for Steve Boone I met Drew Alcazar at Barrett-Jackson. At the time Drew was restoring mostly Shelby’s and Mustang’s.
    He told Steve about a car he had at his shop that he thought he might be interested in. I had the pleasure of flying down to meet Drew. He picked me up at the airport in an AMX and then took me to his shop where he told me he had lined out the whole day for me.
    He showed me all of the cars he had finished and cars in progress and the ones for sale. I have never met someone in the car business who seemed more honest and uofront about anything than Drew. I am sure he has long forgot about the day I was there but I have not and I am sure he will make sure everything is taken care with reagards to the damage at the auction.
    He is a class act. Brian with 2 Cyclones still.

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