My Great Conversation With Rob Larson — Owner Of Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma

After I wrote the original article detailing my attempt at buying an S550, I received a call and two emails from Rob Larson, owner of Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma (as well as ten other dealerships). Rob spent over twenty minutes on the phone with me discussing the original experience.

Rob provided definitive proof that the S550 in question had indeed sold during the time period, but his first priority was to apologize for my experience. He never once asked for a retraction, choosing instead to explain how the sales process had failed at multiple points. It was immediately apparent that Rob had researched the case completely and had gotten immediately involved not for the sake of message damage control, but to understand the situation in an effort to improve employee education and information communication processes at his dealerships.

Like many multi-dealership organizations, Rob Larson’s company employs hoards of people. Nobody can expect that each communication between any employee and every customer is going to be perfect. It says quite a bit about Rob Larson’s priorities and leadership, however, that on two of the busiest sales days of the year, he takes time to glean information in an effort to make every interaction with his businesses completely satisfactory.

As a further indicator of my confidence in Rob’s leadership, I emailed him a list of the specifications and options of the S550 for which my wife and I are looking. Provided he can find the right car and offer it at a competitive price, I’d be happy to buy from him and his organization.


One Response to My Great Conversation With Rob Larson — Owner Of Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma

  1. But Sam, if you didn’t have a media profile, and were just some dude off the street getting jerked around, would Rob Larson have called you up? You’re guaranteed white glove treatment from his dealership in perpetuity now, but I’m not entirely sure it’s moral to take advantage of it.

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