Yes Indeed — The Chevy Volt Really Runs!

Unlike that ’84 Corvette parked on the street in your neighborhood or that Vega next to that barn across town, the Chevy Volt actually runs. GM is taking it around Los Angeles hoping to develop some good buzz prior to showing it in ready-for-production form at the LA Auto Show.

GM is promoting the stops on its tour with video clips of the Volt in action at

I said it the day after Bob Lutz told me about it, and I’ll say it again: the Volt is a game-changer…and likely the car that will save GM and eventually the entire automotive industry…except for the Prius (as we know it), which will certainly be a casualty of the Volt’s success.


6 Responses to Yes Indeed — The Chevy Volt Really Runs!

  1. Not that I’m any big fan of the Prius, but I’ll bet you a sushi dinner on it. Three of them in fact. I’ll buy if the Volt outsells the Prius in 2010. Or 2011. Or 2012.


  2. Chuck,
    The Prius will certainly outsell the Volt in 2010 and 2011. Chances are that we won’t actually see any Volts on dealer lots in any significant supply until some number of months into 2011. 2012 has a shot, but 2013 is a definite, mostly because we will see the price gap between the Prius($25Kish) and Volt ($45Kish) diminish slightly.

  3. OK, extend the bet through 2015 then. I like sushi. 😉


  4. All marques will have a electric or hybrid model or even a range of them very soon I reckon. Pressure from the green lobbies and cost of gas and all other fossil fuels will make it so. And having a viable alternative power source can’t be bad thing really, can it?

  5. How are those Volt sales doing Sam?

    I’ve only seen two in the flesh so far. Ever.

  6. mmmmm…. I can taste the sushi already…

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