The verdict on proposed changes to automotive and clean air standards

I could go into great detail about all that I’ve learned about the issue from my background with transportation issues for Members of Congress, product line development and management for corporate America, discussion with industry insiders from work in automotive journalism, but instead I’ll just say this about the current administration’s proposed changes to fuel economy and pollution regulations:

Do it!

It will be great for domestic automotive companies and their American consumers, because every single time the Big Three have faced tougher standards (such as 1968 and 1975), they have succeeded far beyond their foreign rivals.

Give engineers and developers tough goals and they will deliver great products built more efficiently and at lower cost than ever expected.

Yesterday was the Prius. Tomorrow is the Chevy Volt. By 2016 there will be levels of high-performance, range, comfort, style, safety, and affordability about which we can only dream today.


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