La Dolce Vita Automobili Will Compete With Concorso Italiano on August 14, 2009

La Dolce Vita Automobili will be held at Black Horse at the same time Concorso Italiano, which has announced that it will also return to the greener pastures of a fairway. Four Wheel Drift covered Concorso’s event in 2008, which was relocated to the concrete hell of the Marina Airport.

While normally the Italian machine enthusiasts would love another event, it seems La Dolce Vita Automobili has created a big problem. In a week where it is was already impossible to attend all of the events due to conflicting schedules, La Dolce Vita ensures neither Italian car concours will be as good as Concorso two years ago.

Owners of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Alfa, Maserati, and other Italian cars are already trying to decide which event to attend. There’s no doubt that clubs and popular online chat communities like will be forced to “pick sides”.

The bottom line is that adding La Dolce to the schedule not only hurts Concorso, but also the Italian car enthusiast community. Don’t misinterpret our statement: if La Dolce can be the better Italian Concours for the Pebble Beach week, then they deserve to be the lone event, but there is no possible way for two Italian car shows to exist in the same metropolitan statistical area on the same day without the enthusiasts and collectors being hurt.

So we suggest that the La Dolce team sit down with the new owners of Concorso and decide who will “buy out” the other…or at least figure out who will eventually run out of cash in a number of years…

…because that will save us — the real car enthusiasts from getting only half the story when we are able to attend only one event each year until La Dolce or Concorso finally reschedules or dies.


6 Responses to La Dolce Vita Automobili Will Compete With Concorso Italiano on August 14, 2009

  1. Sam, I know you’re a Ferrarichat regular–didn’t I read there that the FCA had decided to make the Dolce their official judged show?

  2. I hadn’t seen that, but I must admit that in staying neutral between FCA and FOCA, I tend to miss some of the club announcements.

    Certainly among the Ferrarichat crowd there is quite a bit of confusion. Many are confused about the CI sale and thinking that LDVA is the “new” CI (and now CI is dead).

    In any event, I’m sure we’ll see the show field split. Alliances will be formed…and attendees will all be the Biggest Losers when no matter which shows they attend, they’ll be missing some great cars and even better people!

    David, will Hemmings be attending both, still presenting a trophy at CI? FWD readers would love to know how the grandaddy of collector car publications will side on the matter (if and when you’re able to comment.)

  3. If there is one thing wrong with the collector car community it is the over-emphasis on car shows & concours. Other than my local hometown “show & shine” I refuse to participate in shows. If you see my car at a Concours then you’ll know I’m dead. Cars are meant to be driven, and this concept that they are fragile works of art that are to be cared for with a q-tip is absolutely ludicrous.

    Bag the shows and go drive guys. Your life will be so much better for it.

    Let the Concours crowd divide and die as they fight over the correct hose clamps by themselves, …as they rapidly go extinct.


  4. Cindy Meitle says:

    La Dolce Vita was established in August 2008 to deliver an Italian car show back to the greens of Bayonet and Black Horse after the co-founders observed the other event going in the wrong direction. It was an effort on behalf of all Italian car owners and enthusiasts to preserve an incredible tradition during the Monterey Car Week. Kudos to the founders for doing this.

    In NO way was it meant to create a competition and it is not about who is the better event. There are many who are excited and passionate about making the trek back to Black Horse this season.

  5. Cindy,

    We here at The Drift certainly appreciate the “official” response. With a background that includes many years in corporate and product marketing, as well as PR, I personally know you’ve been put in a tough position.

    There’s no way around it: La Dolce Vita was meant to replace CI. That’s okay…and I don’t believe an apology or dodge are necessary. LDV founders saw what we did while covering CI last year: a weak venue. They also heard what we heard: a long term arrangement to continue at the airport. Consequently, the founders saw a great business opportunity.

    LDV is intended to be what CI was in the past — and to compete for enthusiasts to bring cars, sponsors, attendees, and journalists (like me) to come and cover the event.

  6. David Zarkom says:

    I am a huge fan of classic American and Italian cars in fact I went to a big Wheels of Italy show last summer at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and may go to the gigantic Back to the 50s show in St Paul in June. I am looking at a collage of classic Plymouths and Dodges from the 60s that I adore. I had the kissing cousin of the Plymouth GTX when I owned a 67 Plymouth Satellite. Sadly I don’t have it anymore because when you are in our 20s you don’t have money to store and restore vehicles. Dave Zarkin, Jan Barer’s cousin.

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