“Extreme Bentley” will be revealed in Geneva

If the 200+-mph Continental GT is simply not crazy enough for your day-to-day needs, Bentley leaked today that they will soon unveil the “Extreme Bentley”. The car will debut on March 3rd at the Geneva Auto Show.

So what exactly does the Extreme Bentley deliver? Nobody really knows for sure, but what we do know is that it will have the company’s most powerful engine ever. Additionally, the vehicle will be flex-fuel capable, meaning gas and ethanol. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Extreme Bentley comes with a flux capacitor with a Mr. Fusion conversion to generate the 1.8 gigawatts necessary to beat the current lineup of cars wearing the Flying B that have 700-plus lb-ft of torque produced under the bonnet.

Bentley did release a teaser shot of the front of the car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show much other than the front fascia, which looks like the lovechild of a Continental and a Lamborghini. It’s not particularly pretty, but it might “work” with the rest of the car.


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