No More Wings With GM’s Prayers

General Motors finally has found things to sell that are harder to get rid of than its cars: its corporate jets. In a thinly-veiled attempt at wooing Congress and smoothing the public relations disaster from the last Congressional appearance, GM just announced that it is ending its aviation program:

GM Ceasing Corporate Aviation Operations

DETROIT — GM today announced that it is ceasing operations at General Motors Air Transportation Services (GMATS) at Detroit Metro Airport.
Due to significant cutbacks over the past months, GM travel volume no longer justifies a dedicated corporate aircraft operation.

GM is currently exploring options for transferring its aircraft to another operator. The company is pursuing sale of four of the aircraft so it can terminate the leases.

GM will shutter the facility at Metro Airport effective January 1, 2009. GM will work with the airport to seek a tenant for the balance of the lease, which expires in 2009.

I wonder if any of us can get factory-to-dealer incentives on these planes…Zero down, zero percent financing maybe? In any event, while GM will lose its shirt selling the planes, it probably won’t lose more money than it has selling its own vehicles through dealers.


One Response to No More Wings With GM’s Prayers

  1. amigaboy says:

    very amusing to see a couple days ago good ol’ Howie (I could give a crap about the customer) Schultz taking delivery of his corporate jet – ordered several years ago with ample time I’m sure to have canceled it in the face of public opinion, his company’s deepening troubles and labor strife, and simply the unneeded expense?

    batting 1,000, howie! Hope your ill-gotten Sonics money is keeping you warm at night, and that the lawyers you hired in your ‘lawsuit’ against the Okies is slurping that down faster than brain freeze at 7-11….


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