Jaguar Goes En Fuego (Or What’s That Burning Smell Coming From La Carrera Panamericana?)

Joel Eisenberg submitted this update from the final day of La Carrera Panamericana 2008:

The last two speed sessions were on the freeway. We got the old Jag up to 202 kph (about 125mph.) The engine started smoking then Marcia noticed flames.

I stopped the car, pulled the fire suppression system, turned off the master electrical killl switch, and bailed out. I simply don’t know how I got out so fast with the cast on, but since my left leg was exposed I had to in order to prevent any burns. (I had to cut the fire suit open for the cast to fit, and the zipper I installed broke the first day.)

The Fedrales came and help arrived. We had a drink and sandwich and everyone left. Marcia and I were congratulating ourselves at the side of freeway when the car burst into flames again!!! I grabbed the portable extinguisher, but that didn’t work. We tried PowerAid, Zevia, Fiji Water…still going. Finally friends stopped on the course with a big fire extinguisher. We opened hood and found the brake fluid resovoir from the first day had leaked again — PLUS the fix for the bad master switch had been to bypass it, so the electricity was still on and arcing. We had to disconnect battery, which finally stopped the carnage.

Everyone has now left and I’m sitting here waiting for the transporter and lots of tequila.


One Response to Jaguar Goes En Fuego (Or What’s That Burning Smell Coming From La Carrera Panamericana?)

  1. Oh my! Hate to hear of any Jaguar burning, especially an E-type. Sorry too to hear of their demise so close to the finish. How were they doing?

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