Team Gringo Loco Moves Up In La Carrera Panamericana

Joel Eisenberg and Marcia McCraw (who was endorsed by the Seattle Times for Lt. Governor in next week’s election while riding shotgun in the Jaguar XKE) started the day in 84th place. Now sitting in 57th place, Joel and Marcia filed this report to The Four Wheel Drift this morning.

We have moved up to 57 overall! Nine out of twelve are still running in our class with two more days of racing.

At last night’s banquet we all saw a video of Stewart and Linda’s crash yesterday. Amazing! (I’m sure you will see it all over YouTube.) There was a straightaway followed by a crest with a hard steep downhill turn and a narrow bridge, which made it all very dangerous and tricky. A Ford crashed then Stewart and Linda in the Studebaker came over crest and spun. After Stewart got out, but before linda could, another car lost it and landed on top of him! Everyone is okay except Linda has a compressed disc in her back.

We think Stewart will be looking for a new car and co-driver.


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