Update Numero Tres Of Dos People In Uno Jaguar Racing In the La Carrera Panamericana

Joel Eisenberg submitted this exclusive update from the Carrera at 7:45pm last night to The Four Wheel Drift:

 The 4th day was magic we finished all legs and are celebrating.  I don’t think our times were that good as it rained and we had no wipers.  Only one close call, which happened just as we took the checkered flag in the first speed section: a burro wandered into the road before we could slow down. He was one lucky burro as we just missed him.

We had another burro issue on the next to last speed section.  We were off the start and just as we hit the red line in first gear out wandered another burro.  I had to hit the brakes hard to let him pass.

The bad luck today was that Jake and Matt rolled their Studebaker. We’re in the same support group — on the car hauler the Studebakers and the Jag.   John and Chris were with us in the Chihuahua. Their two sons who are in their 20s and john spent most of the last year building the car for the Carrera. It’s -totaled-! They just went too fast on the last speed section today.

It turns out the problem the last two days was a defective master electrical kill switch. All of the original Lucas shit has been replaced but the Lucas gremlin remains! Hopefully well have Rain-X tomorrow.

Adding to the comic aspect is that the toe guard on my foot cast got tangled in the clutch. So now my cast and toe guard are duct taped up!


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