Buick’s “glimpse” of its 2010 LaCrosse reflects business as usual

GM's Official 2010 Buick LaCrosse "Glimpse"

You’re looking at the first official “glimpse” of Buick’s 2010 LaCrosse. This picture was intended to excite journalists — the thinking was that it shows that the LaCrosse looks like the Invicta show car.

Sorry guys. All it indicates to me is that the Buick boys are still asleep at the wheel. What I see is more vanilla than desert at a retirement home dining hall.

As a guy who was brought home from the hospital in a Buick Special Convertible and had a Buick LeSabre as his first car, I say this to Buick: I’ve been in the Hyundai Genesis and it simply is a better Buick than anything Buick has on showrooms or in the pipeline.

If this is all you Buick product managers have to excite us, you might as well save on the PR and marketing costs and just throw the LaCrosse at the dealers and hope enough old folks buy them to justify the brand not going the way of Oldsmobile.


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