Barrett-Jackson and “The Judge” Settle

I vowed to myself that I would never write about this again, but in the interest of making sure automotive enthusiasts know the facts, I felt it was important to report that according to Sports Car Market, Barrett-Jackson and the seller of the Ramchargers Hemicuda have settled.

SCM reports that the settlement was mediated on Jan 7, 2008, and that David Clabuesch (“the Judge”) issued a written, notarized statement that reads:

“Upon review of auction video footage and further consideration of the relevant facts, I, David L. Clabuesch, have concluded that with respect to the January 20, 2007, auction of my vehicle – a 1970 Plymouth Hemi-Cuda – conducted by Barrett-Jackson that I can no longer pursue any action alleging auction irregularities, including the claim that the car was short hammered while on the block. I have also determined that there was no relationship between Barrett-Jackson and the buyer of my vehicle, nor was there any conspiracy between Barrett-Jackson and the buyer of my vehicle, or any other person, to short hammer the sale of the car. I no longer believe that Barrett-Jackson violated the terms of the consignment agreement in conducting the auction sale or otherwise breached any duties to me as a consignor.”

Personally, I am happy that the sides have found common ground and settled.  I wish all sides the best of luck, success, health, and happiness in the future.    


One Response to Barrett-Jackson and “The Judge” Settle

  1. Hugh Jass says:

    Bull Shit

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