MIT’s “fully autonomous” Land Rover LR3

Ford just announced that MIT has created the first fully autonomous Land Rover. The corporation donated a LR3 to the school to compete in 2007 Urban Challenge.

Our insider sources tell us that the brilliant MIT students have managed to go beyond the self-driving functionality detailed in the press release. The students set out to ensure this LR3 operates identically to one purchased from the showroom floor, just without the human interaction.

This special LR3 can automatically order a tall nonfat decaf latte from any Starbucks and Tully’s, as well as purchase six pairs of shoes (with plans to return four) from Nordstrom’s. The Land Rover can also display messages bragging of its superior four-by-four capabilities, even though the gravel parking lot at the kiddo’s soccer game is the closest it has ever been to off-roading.

The LR3’s fully automated systems enable it to visit the local Land Rover dealership to fix all those things that have inevitably broken or simply stopped working each week. It automatically communicates with service advisors to inform that dealership mechanics failed to fix the problems that were specifically requested to be addressed in the previous service appointment.

Most importantly, the MIT students built in the functionality for the Land Rover to self-actualize. At some point within the first three years, the MIT LR3 will reach its break-point, drive itself to a Lexus dealer, ask to be replaced by something more reliable and comfortable, ands accept a trade-in value translating to a higher cost-per-mile than if the vehicle had been a Lamborghini.


One Response to MIT’s “fully autonomous” Land Rover LR3

  1. Joe says:

    Brilliant column, Sam! Why in the world do people still buy Rovers?

    Oh that’s right, they don’t. They lease them.

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